Green Computing

Course Number: 08-840

Our societal energy usage is rising at an alarming rate and thus it is critical to manage its consumption more efficiency for long term sustainability. This course introduces students to the exciting area of "Green Computing" aiming to help students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to do research in this space. It is organizationally divided into two tracks. The first track is Energy-Efficient Computing", which considers the state of the art techniques for improving the energy efficiency of mobile devices, to laptop and desktop class computers and finally to data centers. We will cover energy efficiency across the hardware/software stack, starting from the individual components like processors and radio interfaces to system level architectures and optimizations. The second track is “Applying Computing towards Sustainability”, covering topics that leverage computing to reduce the energy footprint of our society. In particular, we will focus on Smart Buildings and the Smart Grid, covering topics such as sensing, modeling and controlling the energy usage of buildings, as well as new operating systems and software stacks for the smart infrastructure.

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